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AIYA’s proven track record

Career and Networking Events

AIYA runs networking events and careers events to assist graduates, students and young professionals to build networks with each other and to employers interested in hiring people with an interest in working in or on Indonesia.

Submissions and Media Work

AIYA campaigns to remove barriers preventing young Australians from working or studying in Indonesia — and vice versa — and promotes the benefits of these opportunities. Our activities in this area have included submissions, policy statements, and appearances in the media in Australia and Indonesia — including in The Australian, the Jakarta Post, Radio Australia and the Lowy Institute’s Interpreter blog.

Website and Social Media Presence

Our website, along with our social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are designed to provide young Australians and Indonesians with a forum for discussing the Australia-Indonesia relationship, connecting with each other and as a ‘one-stop-shop’ of resources to assist their engagement with each others’ countries, including educational, career, and extra-curricular information.

AIYA’s reach

AIYA National’s online presence reaches more than 2,500 young Australians and Indonesians each week.

AIYA’s Facebook and Twitter accounts share news, commentary, and events targeted at a youth audience, and have seen continuous growth over the last year.

Most visitors are located in Indonesia (45 per cent) and Australia (41 per cent) — concentrated around Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Jakarta.

Visitors are mostly aged between 18–34 years old. Most (71 per cent) list English as a spoken language.

The AIYA website attracts a similar demographic, with an average of approximately 400 unique visitors per week — 40 per cent returning again to the site.

AIYA’s Twitter account is also active in the Australia-Indonesia sphere, having attracted 200 followers in four months of posting.

AIYA has also collected over 250 email subscribers, across the bimonthly AIYA Update newsletter, and our weekly AIYA Links summary of news and commentary.

Both lists attract an excellent open rate of up to 70 per cent (50 per cent higher than most organisations in the non-profit space), with click-through of up to 40 per cent.

Events and activities

AIYA maintains an active presence at the national level, throughout our state and territory chapters, as well as in Jakarta. Activities at our different levels and branches include:

AIYA National

  • Submission to the Australia in the Asian Century White Paper
  • Submission to the specific country strategies for the Asian Century White Paper
  • Media work: interviews and opinion pieces, both in English and Indonesian
  • Representation on forums and discussion panels

Australian chapters

  • Indonesia-focused career nights
  • Networking events
  • School visits to encourage students to continue Indonesian language studies
  • Education forums
  • Cultural nights
  • Organisation and promotion of language exchange events

AIYA Jakarta

  • Australia-Indonesia Young Professionals networking events — covered in the press by the Jakarta Globe
  • Symposium Series: brings together leading minds from Indonesia and Australia to discuss the burning issues

AIYA in the media

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