The Conference for Australian and Indonesian Youth or CAUSINDY is a bilateral event designed to give 30 young leaders from Australia and Indonesia the opportunity to work together in building a stronger relationship between Australia and Indonesia.

CAUSINDY is an iniative of the Australia-Indonesia Youth Association.

Planned for October this year, the conference will be hosted by the Australian National University in Canberra. CAUSINDY’s mission is to improve the bilateral relationship by creating a platform for youth dialogue. Participants will have the opportunity to connect with experts in business, government, and academia, and each other.

CAUSINDY’s three objectives are:

  • to create a platform for dialogue;
  • to shape new ideas about the Australia-Indonesia relationship; and
  • to act as a catalyst for change.

Read an introduction to the conference on our blog: ‘Our time to decide: introducing CAUSINDY‘.

In line with its 2013 theme, ‘Our turn to decide’, CAUSINDY will shape new ideas about the bilateral relationship of tomorrow. The conference will also act as a catalyst for change, by providing government and business groups with recommendations and input on policy in economic, social, cultural, and political issues.