Indonesian delegates

Alexander Senaputra

AlexSenaputra-photoAlexander currently works as a metallurgist, where he is responsible for processing minerals for ready-to-use metals. He is in his final year as a PhD student, at the Applied Chemistry Department, Curtin University, focusing on bauxite processing technology . Alexander is also working as a project-based advisor for several Indonesian mining and services companies. He  is passionate about the metal industry as it employs billions of people, and promotes sustainability and innovation.

In the Indonesia-Australia relationship context, Alexander hopes to see an increase in mining and energy joint venture projects that benefit both sides. He believes  that this will enable intensive communication and extensive cooperation, both of which are vital to the relationship.Alexander hopes to gain a managerial role whereby he will be able to apply his technical background and soft skills in decision making. He also plans to become active in professional organisations where he will be able to contribute through specific input.

Alyssia Pasha Sastrosatomo

Alyssia SastroAlyssia is currently an analyst at Astra International, one of Indonesia’ largest conglomerate companies. It was during  her time in the company’s graduate program that Alyssa realised Indonesia’s potential for growth, and developed a passion for exploration of  the company’s role in the global economy. Alyssia completed a Bachelor degree at Melbourne, double majoring in Marketing and Business Management, under the “New Generation International Undergraduate Scholarship”. Her previous working experience includes working as a junior analyst at her current company, and completing an internship at Unilever Indonesia Tbk. During her internship Alyssia was selected to represent Indonesian students from the University of Melbourne to participate in DANONE Group’s Annual “Trust: The Student Business Challenge”.

The youth have their own ideas, experiences and insights that would assist in leaders in making decisions in the the bilateral relationship. This conference creates the opportunity for us as young leaders to have direct access to the decision makers and also in turn, have a real influence on Indonesia and Australia’s relationship.  Through the network that I have built during my stay in Australia, I can see myself developing the bilateral relationship by re-shaping the mindset of young leaders from Australia in their perceptions towards Indonesia. Through my interactions with them and by utilizing the people-to-people links, I will re-shape awareness in regards to Indonesia as well as enforce that there are mutually beneficial activities that our two countries can perform for a future of sustainable growth.

Angga Radian Pally


Angga Radian Pally is a member of the Indonesian Foreign Affairs Body. An International Relations graduate from the University of Indonesia, his political career began in 2005 when he joined the National Mandate Party (PAN) in 2005. Since then, Angga has worked as both an assistant and to the Senator of the Central Kalimantan Province, and to a Member of the House of Representatives. Angga believes that his working experiences have enabled him to gain values and insight, which have shaped his political vision. He currently lives in Depok with his wife.

Aritta Gracia Girsang, Australia Awards Delegate

Gracia is a PhD student at the Institute for International Trade, University of Adelaide. Her focus is on the Trade Remedy issues in ASEAN. She is currently on study leave from the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia. Prior to becoming a public servant, Gracia was a lecturer at the International Relations Department at Parahyangan Catholic University and a co-founder of Anomali, a youth-led organisation aiming to empower youth through education and training. Her involved in youth brought her to represent Indonesian youth at the ILO Conference side event in Geneva and Youth Empowerment Summit in Alexandria, Egypt.
Gracia believes that people-to-people relations, especially among younger generations, is the best way to promote understanding about the Indonesia-Australia relationship. She believes that a good understanding of each others interests will enable a strategic alliance, in both trade and cultural activities, and in preparation for the approaching ASEAN Economic Community in 2015.

Benazir Syahril

Natasha karina
Benazir Syahril is currently a Finance Manager at Amartha Microfinance, a social business institution in Indonesia focusing on providing affordable financial services for the low-income earners in rural areas. She previously completed a Bachelor of Accounting & Finance degree with Honours at the University of West England, Bristol. She believes in the importance of microfinance as a platform for empowering women, and believes it allows Indonesians and Australians to exchange and transfer their skills and knowledge, enabling a sustainable and people-oriented relationship for the two nations.

Fajar Bambang Hirawan, Australia Awards Delegate


Fajar is a Ph.D student at the School of Economics, The University of Sydney. His research focuses on how to improve food security in Indonesia, and he is also a teaching assistant for Introductory Macroeconomics at the university. After completing his Bachelor degree in Economics at the University of Indonesia, Fajar became a researcher at the Department of Economics, Centre for Strategic and International Studies in Jakarta. In addition, Fajar has completed a Masters degree in Development Studies at the University of Rome. Fajar is also the founder and coordinator of discussion forum called Indonesia berDiskusi untuk Edukasi (IDE)Forum, a quarterly discussion that is held in the Consulate General of Indonesia in Sydney.

 Fajar believes that achieving food security in both countries is key to improving the bilateral relationship, as this will strengthen trade and investment cooperation. He believes Australia and Indonesia should take full advantage of their close geographical proximity and that both countries will be able to achieve a better future through mutually dependence.

Donny Eryastha

Donny Eryastha is a Senior Program Manager for Social Protection at AusAID Jakarta. He completed his undergraduate degree in Finance at the University of Indonesia, and completed a Masters in Public Administration in International Development at Harvard University. Prior to his current work at AusAid, he has worked as the Advisor to the Minister at the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board. He has also worked at both ends of the financial industry, as investment banker and microfinance analyst.

Donny hopes to shape the future of the Australia-Indonesia relationship through contributing his insights and expertise from his unique work. Working for an Australian aid agency in Indonesia enables him to work directly in the Indonesian government, representing the Australia’s interests. Donny’s long term goal is to be in a national leadership position in the government of Indonesia, and he hopes that his current exposure to both countries’ strategic interests will be a stepping stone toward this goal.

(Pan M.) Faiz K. Wijaya, Australia Awards Delegate


Faiz has been working as a Researcher, Judicial Assistant and Speechwriter to the Chief Justice of the Indonesian Constitutional Court since 2005 and is a current Australia Development Scholar  pursuing his PhD at TC Beirne School of Law, the University of Queensland and is the National President Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Australia.

He is a Manager of Global i-Lecture at Jimly School of Law and Government under the leadership of the first and the former Chief Justice of Indonesian Constitutional Court, Professor Jimly Asshiddiqie. Presently, he is the Executive Secretary of the Expert Council of Indonesian Legal Scholars Association (ISHI) and a Legal Researcher at the Institute of Indonesian Law and Governance Development (IILGD) and at the Legal Center for Law and Information (The CeLI). In 2012 he became a Research Scholar at the Centre for Public, International and Comparative Law (CPICL)
He completed his Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Indonesia and Master of Comparative Laws degree, concentrating in comparative constitutional law, from the University of Delhi where he was fully supported by ICCR Scholarship. He has been a Guest Lecturer on constitutional law at the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia and other Indonesian legal institutions since 2008. Early 2012 the U.S. Department of State awarded Faiz a premier professional exchange program known as the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP).

Gatot Soepriyanto

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 11.37.06 AMGatot is a PhD student at the Department of Accounting & Finance Monash University. His research focuses on the issues of corporate tax avoidance and financial statement fraud. He completed his Bachelor degree in Accounting at Gadjah Mada University and Master degree in Business Accounting at Monash University with “Highest Achieving Graduate” award. Gatot’s previous working experience includes working as a financial auditor in Ernst & Young, UNDP and UNICEF before finally found his passion in education.

Currently, he is on study leave from Bina Nusantara (BINUS) University, where he enjoyed successful 4 years tenure as a Head of Department. Gatot’s enthusiasm in research and academic writing has assisted him publishing two-accounting text books and various national/international peer-reviewed academic journals. He was part of Australia Award historic milestone –the first batch of APS award, the final batch of ADS program and the first Secretary for Australia Alumni Reference Group (ARG).

Gatot believes knowledge sector and human resource development will play pivotal roles in developing bilateral relationship between Indonesia and Australia. It have been well-documented that Australia education and Human Development Index amongst the highest in the world while Indonesia is anticipating a demographic dividend in 2020-2030 where the productive age group (15-64 years) reaches a maximum and the dependency ratio is at its lowest level. With proper policymaking, the two countries can work toward a sustainable mutual relationship based on education and human resources investment.

Gracia Billy Mambrasar

Gracia Billy Mabrasar

Billy is an oil and gas project engineer with BP, which is a part of the Global Project Organization (GPO) for the Asia-Pacific. Billy currently assigned to the Tangguh Expansion Project (A mega LNG project in Indonesia). He is currently completing his Masters at the College of Business and Economics, ANU and he plans to undertake another Masters degree in the USA next year, as well as a PhD in economic energy sometime in the future. Billy is a graduate from the Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology.

Billy hopes to contribute to the bilateral relationship through a career in energy and mineral policy making. As Australia’s investment in the Indonesian energy sector has mostly been in the non-renewable sector, he expects that the focus will shift to renewable energy investment. Billy believes that this will aid the relationship between the two countries.

Melati, Australia Awards Delegate


Melati is an environmental specialist currently undertaking research in the areas of forestry, climate change, sustainability, ecotourism and small-scale holders. She graduated from the University of Indonesia with a Bachelor of Sociology, and later completed a Masters degree in Environmental Management and Development at the Australian National University. Melati has previously worked for the Centre of International Forestry Research (CIFOR) and the ANU Green Sustainability Office. She is also the founder of the community blog, which shares personal experiences of Indonesian female students in Australia with the hope of encouraging women to pursue higher education. She is an avid writer, traveller, cyclist and mother of a 6-month-old boy.

Melati’s goal is to be an active advocate for better cultural understanding between Australian and Indonesian youth. She hopes to help open up more opportunities for youth exchanges, internships and volunteering between the two countries, while ensuring that the experiences are well documented for future generations to learn from and build upon.

Natasha Karina Ardiani

NatashaNatasha is a currently working as Associate Director of the President’s Delivery Unit for Development Monitoring and Oversight (UKP4) as an Outreach and Network Coordinator for the High-Level Panel on Post-2015 Development Agenda Indonesia Principal Team- where President Yudhoyono acts as one of the Panel’s Co-Chairs. She has completed a Bachelor of International Relations at Airlangga University, and a Masters in Public Policy, specialising in Economic Policy at the Crawford School of Economics and Government, ANU. Her experience in youth advocacy and international diplomacy ranges from leading a National Model United Nations team, being selected to be an Indonesian Youth Delegate to the 68th UN General Assembly 2013 and serving as the co-chair of the youth-led initiative, Indonesian Youth Diplomacy.

Rakyan Adibrata

rakyanRakyan Adibrata is currently working in the Indonesian Government Agency as The Special Assistant to The Chairperson of The Witness and Victim Protection Agency (LPSK). Prior to joining the LPSK, Rakyan worked as an Expert Adviser for MP at the Commission III (Law, Human Rights & Security) at DPR RI, The Republic of Indonesia House of Representatives. He has completed a Bachelor of Laws at the Indonesian Islamic University, specialising in International Criminal Law. Rakyan has previously been selected  to attend the Political Advisor’s Course, presented by the Australian Labor Party and the Graduate School of Government University of Sydney. He is also the co-founder and a Senior Researcher of the Research Center for Terrorism and Security (REACTS), and has actively spoken in the national media concerning national security and terrorism in Indonesia.

As a security risk analyst, Rakyan believes that security issues are one of the primary concerns of the bilateral relationship. As such, he believes that the Australian and Indonesian Governments also should enhance cooperation in combating terrorism in South East Asia, especially in Indonesia. He hopes to gain a position at a higher advisory level in the government, dealing with national counter terrorism policy and strategy.

Ruben Hattari


Ruben Hattari is the Executive Director of the ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN BAC), which bridges Southeast Asian Governments with their dynamic private sectors. In his current position, he is very active in promoting regional economic integration and SME development.  e is an IDEAS Fellow from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and holds a degree in International Business from Central Queensland University. Prior to joining the Business Advisory Council, he had working experience in a regional development bank, private equity firm and an oil and natural gas company in Australia and Indonesia. Ruben previously worked and studied in Australia for ten years, and is currently based in Jakarta.

Vicky Lono

Vicky Lono

Vicky Lono has been working with ANZ Bank Australia for more than 3 years and lived across different countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Australia. Recently he was selected to become a part of the ANZ in-house global leadership program, which is aimed to develop future country CEOs and senior bankers. Vicky holds a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting and Finance in Monash University Australia. At the moment he is completing his Master of Business Administration at the University of Melbourne. He is a vocal supporter of the Asian Centuries and as such has been involved with Asia Link, working as an Asia Literacy Ambassador. In this role he inspires and influences young people, highlighting the importance of learning Asian cultures. Furthermore, he is a Mentor in the Monash Alumni student mentoring program, advising students on their career goals and the availability of support and workplace dynamics.

 Vicky plans to contribute to the relationship through his experiences. As an Asia Literacy Ambassador who has lived across different countries, he believes that he will be able to provide useful and unique insight.