CAUSINDY welcomes new executive partner, the University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne has just committed to become an Executive Partner and major sponsor of the Australia Indonesia Youth Association’s CAUSINDY 2013. CAUSINDY is excited to partner with the University of Melbourne given the university’s well-known expertise in Indonesian studies.

Professor Simon Evans, Pro Vice-Chancellor (International), University of Melbourne, said, “The University of Melbourne is committed to developing the next generation of leaders in the Australia-Indonesia relationship. We welcome this opportunity to support this excellent learning, networking and development event for young Australians and Indonesians.”

Professor Helen Sullivan, Director of the Melbourne School of Government, said, “The MSoG is designed to empower and inspire individuals to make a difference on a global scale. We welcome the opportunity to work with young leaders from Australia and Indonesia and to support them in developing their capacity to make wiser decisions, build stronger public institutions and shape shared futures.”

Professor Tim Lindsey, Director of the University’s Centre for Indonesian Law, Islam and Society said, “One of the greatest challenges to the bilateral relationship between Indonesia and Australia is mutual lack of knowledge and understanding. Building linkages between the young people of both nations is essential to building a strategic partnership between our two countries as we face the ‘Asia Century’”.

This support complements the University of Melbourne’s Asialink Centre’s proud history of collaboration with the Australia Indonesia Youth Association, including recently co-hosting a Next Generation Indonesia-Australia cultural exchange forum.

At CAUSINDY 2013 the University of Melbourne will facilitate a workshop, with speakers selected by the university. Make sure to keep reading our blog posts as we will update readers with information about this session closer to the conference date.

We welcome the University of Melbourne to CAUSINDY.