Interest in Indonesia

A youth conference takes on Australian ambivalence and ignorance about Indonesia.
Karen Barlow

KBRI Canberra: Conference of Australian and Indonesian Youth

Pada tanggal 17 Oktober 2013 sebagai rangkaian kegiatan The 2013 Conference of Australian and Indonesian Youth (CAUSINDY) yang dilaksanakan pada tanggal 17-20 Oktober 2013, KBRI Canberra menjadi tuan rumah hari pertama konferensi.
Kementerian Luar Negeri

Getting to know the neighbours

I recently joined a four-day Conference of Australian and Indonesian Youth (Causindy) in Canberra where 28 young future leaders of both countries discussed many bilateral issues. I was amazed at my Australian colleagues who speak Indonesian very well and know Indonesia deeply. Thus, many recommendations emerged from our warm discussions to improve the bilateral relationship, especially through people-to-people links.
Gatot Soepriyanto

Respecting the Language of Unity on Youth Pledge Day

In a recent four-day Conference of Australian and Indonesian Youth (Causindy) in Canberra, I was fascinated to find fellow delegates from Australia speaking Bahasa Indonesia — some of them eloquently.

Since the delegates were selected based on their keen interest in the Indonesia-Australia relationships and their understanding towards the cultures of both nations, it should not have been a huge surprise to witness the fact that the Australian delegates have acquired Bahasa Indonesia.
Benazir Syahril

Interview with Nicholas Mark

Nicholas Mark, Presiden AIYA NSW yang juga penulis dari buku anak-anak Petualangan Anak Indonesia, berbicara tentang hari pertama Konperensi Pemuda Australia Indonesia (CAUSINDY 2013) yang pertama.
Sri Dean

Interview with Benazir Syahril

Benazir Syahril, Manajer Finansial Mikro dari Amartha Microfinance, salah satu anggota delegasi Indonesia di CAUSINDY – Konperensi Pemuda Australia Indonesia, 17 – 20 Oct 2013 di Canberra berbicara tentang gagasannya menjalin hubungan yang lebih erat lagi antara pemuda Australia dan pemuda Indonesia melalui program finansial mikro.
Benazir Syahril

Australia tak Maksimal Manfaatkan Warganya yang Berbahasa Indonesia

Saya adalah satu dari 30 delegasi dari Indonesia dan Australia yang mengikuti konferensi pemuda CAUSINDY, 17 – 20 Oktober di Canberra, setelah melewati seleksi. Kebanyakan dari peserta memiliki pengalaman bekerja di Australia dan Indonesia. Misalnya, di bidang hukum, pembangunan, pendidikan, keamanan, pertambangan, pemerintah, dan lain-lain.
Daniel Peterson

The ties that bind

That no one overarching issue dominated CAUSINDY might seem like an obvious statement; but it’s well worth reflecting upon.

In the history of Australia-Indonesia relations, one issue or event has usually been salient – be it Confrontation, The White Australia policy, East Timor, or terrorism (to name a few). Previous bilateral conferences would have discussed these issues with the underlying fear of rapidly deteriorating bilateral relations, perhaps even future conflict.
Ross Tapsell

Experts say Australian business being left behind

Experts have addressed a conference of Australian and Indonesian youth in Canberra, warning that Australian business is being left behind and needs to catch up with the rest of the Asia Pacific region. Catherine McGrath speaks with Harsya Prasetyo from First State Investments in Indonesia, and Debnath Guharoy, Asia Pacific Regional Director with Roy Morgan Research.
Catherine McGrath